Cast Your Vote. Raise Your Voice.

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As the ticker runs along the bottom of the television screen, questions run through our minds. What does the future hold? What’s our role in this election? What’s God’s mandate when it comes to government? Better yet, who would Jesus vote for?

In this controversial series, Ed Young looks at the uncertainty we all face when it comes to faith and politics. And as he sifts through the political rhetoric and reveals our responsibility, he gets to the truth behind, or above, it all.

Please note that the messages from the Politicked series will only be available individually. The message “When the Party’s Over” is not available on DVD.

sermons from this Series

    1. Avalanche


    Information Overload

    Information about politics is coming to us faster, with more force and from more sources than ever before. And its all under the guise of bringing us the truth. But is this information overload really clearing the air? Or is it making us feel even more uncertain about what the future holds? In this message, Ed Young takes a hard look at the uncertainty we all face in the current political climate. And as he plows through the avalanche of information, he gets down to the truth of who we need to trust, where we need to turn and what we need to do.
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    2. Rock the Vote

    Rock the Vote

    Ed Tells Us Who To Vote For

    Political ads, polls and pundits parade throughout the media-all telling us who to vote for and why. It's a deluge of information that continues until the moment we make our selection at the voting booths. But there's something behind all the political rhetoric that we often miss the truth of who the best candidate is. So in this message, Ed Young gets to that truth, shows us exactly what to look for in a candidate and tells us exactly who to vote for.
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    3. When the Party's Over

    When the Party's Over

    Speaker Tracey Barnes Teaches Us To Have Hope During Elections

    In any election, emotions run high. Debates rage on. And what happens ultimately is that parties are harshly divided. And after the election, we're supposed to heal the wounds and carry on as one nation. But what happens if the one we vote for isn't the one who wins? How do we bridge the gap that has developed between people and parties? What happens when the party's over? In this message, Pastor Tracy Barnes looks at the emotions we encounter during an election. And helps point us towards the overall hope that we can have no matter how an election turns out.
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