Piece of Cake

Getting the Most Out of Life

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What's Included?

Cake and celebrating go hand-in-hand. It is an essential part of every birthday party, wedding reception, and graduation event.

But what if there’s much more to this tasty treat than temporary satisfaction? What if cake is actually a fundamental part of life, allowing us to experience the full life God has for us?

What if we can “have our cake and eat it too”? In this series, we tackle that age-old question.

And we discover that to have a life that is a piece of cake, we have to first have the peace of God!

sermons from this Series

    1. Cake Walk

    Cake Walk

    Setting Our Entire Life Up for Success

    Wouldn’t it be great if life were worry and stress free? But the reality is, we know life comes with pressures and problems. The question isn’t whether we will face problems. The question is: what can we do to work through them in order to experience the most out of life? In this message, Dr. John Cross gives us insight and direction into one thing we can do to help alleviate most of the stress we face. Because when we remain obedient to God in this one area, the rest can become a cake walk!
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    2. Cake Fight

    Cake Fight

    Matching Out Commitments with Our Priorities

    Money can be one of the biggest causes for frustration in life. It can cause stress in life and fights in relationships. People struggle because they often fail to have the right priorities. But God has something better in store for us! In this message, Derric Bonnot continues to unpack God’s priorities for our finances and shows us how dealing with our checkbook doesn’t have to be a cake fight!
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