Parental Guidance

Learn God'S Plan For Parents To Equip Their Children For Success.

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You wouldn’t tackle Mount Everest without a guide, but every day people continue a longer, tougher expedition with little or no support. Every parent wants their child to reach adulthood ready to succeed-it’s an exciting trek. Do you know how to equip your kids for the challenges they’ll face? In the message series, PARENTAL GUIDANCE, Mac Richard explores God’s plan for parents to equip their children for success with five essential life skills.

sermons from this Series

    1. Do Your Best

    Do Your Best

    Teach Your Child To "Do Your Best."

    We tell our children: You don't have to be the best at everything, you don't have to make straight A's. Just whatever you do, do your best!
    2. Tell the Truth

    Tell the Truth

    Mac Richard Teaches Us Honesty Just Simplifies Things And Many Other Helpful Tips About Telling The Truth...

    This series is called Parental Guidance and it is designed specifically to equip and to empower parents to do the work God's given us to do. So in this message, Mac teaches us how to help our children understand why telling the truth is important to God, and the parents.
    3. Marry Well

    Marry Well

    What To Think And Pray About For Your Child'S Future Spouse.

    4. Manage God's Money

    Manage God's Money

    We Have To Teach Our Kids The Reality That Money Talks And Walks.

    5. Because I Said So

    Because I Said So

    Discipline God'S Way

    Mac Richard teaches us how discipline is preparing and equipping kids for the lives God created them to live. How do you discipline? How should we discipline our children in a Godly way?