Parental Elephants

Taking The Circus Out Of The Family!

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Has life at home become a three ring circus? Parenting is an overwhelming thing. It’s a given that parents are to guide children. That’s a no-brainer. But what about the parents? Who guides parents? Children do not come with an instruction manual, and yet here we were supposed to care for, nurture, feed, clean, and rear this young life and soul that God had given to us. Those of you who are parents know exactly what I’m talking about.

You know that by and large, we don’t know enough to do this, that at least to some degree, every single one of us is making it up as we go along. So where do we go? What do we do? Join Brad White as he shows us how to lead the elephant out of the living room!

sermons from this Series

    1. Steppin In It

    Steppin In It

    Are There Any Elephants Roaming Around In Your Life?

    Join Pastor Brad White as he discusses the "elephants" in your life.
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    2. Hosed


    Learning The Godly Way To Discipline.

    Discipline is a touchy subject for many parents. How much is too much? Is it wrong or considered loving? As we discover the "elephants" in our lives, one thing must be clear: the ultimate authority in your home must come from the parents. Join Brad White as he unveils different types of parental authority and the godly way to enforce discipline in your home.
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    3. Trampled


    Realizing The Obvious, Damaging Truths That We Choose To Ignore.

    Elephants tear up our living rooms. They're tearing up the walls. They're tearing up our relationships. They're tearing up people. What are the elephants? They are the obvious, damaging truths that we choose to ignore. Join Pastor Brad White as as he discusses what happens when an elephant tramples on the places in your heart.
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    4. Clueless


    Learning To Take Action When The Red Flags Appear.

    When you see a red flag out at the beach does that tell you it's a good day to go swimming at the beach? No. It means that there is a pretty strong rip current. It means you're putting your life at risk in that. The red flag is waving in our homes as parents. And even though it's waving and saying your child is in danger, your child is floundering. Your child is going down a path that is going to destroy their life. What we do is we ignore it and we hope that it will go away. Join Brad White as he warns parents of the red flags in your family.
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    5. Starved


    Tending To The Emotional And Physical Needs Of Your Children.

    Join Brad White as he reveals the emotional and physical needs of our children.
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    6. Passion


    Raising Your Children To Love Jesus.

    Join Brad White as he encourages parents to raise their children with a passion for Jesus Christ.
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