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God'S Directions On Parenting (Includes Mother'S Day Message)

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A unique series for those who are parents or one day will be parents. Discover these expanded directions for parenting in the Parent Map by Ed Young.

sermons from this Series

    1. Kid-Centric or Spouse-Centric?

    Kid-Centric or Spouse-Centric?

    Refocusing Priorites

    The title of this one says it all. Is your family centered on the right thing? If the marriage relationship is not priority, the entire family system suffers. Ed teaches us how to refocus our families from the top down.
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    2. My Mom (Mother's Day)

    My Mom (Mother's Day)

    Motherly Wisdom

    This special Mothers Day interview between Ed Young and his mother, Jo Beth Young, reveals the loving bond between mother and son and imparts a lifetime of motherly wisdom.
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    3. The Big Decision

    The Big Decision


    To have or not to have children..that is the question. This unique message by Ed Young for pre-parents lays out some of the legwork that needs to be done prior to parenting. Ed goes into dealing with the past, building a proper foundation, and counting the costs, before embarking on one of the most challenging journeys you will ever take.
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    4. Sex Education for Kids

    Sex Education for Kids

    "The Talk"

    It's that uncomfortable topic that many parents avoid. "The talk" with our children often gets put off until it's too late for maximum impact. Ed Young doesn't pull any punches in this practical message about fulfilling your God-given responsibility of educating your kids, from a biblical perspective, about sex.
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    5. Honor Your Parents

    Honor Your Parents

    Parental Respect And Honor

    Its the fifth commandment and a lifelong responsibility. Our elders are often forgotten and neglected, but God commands in the Old and New Testaments that we honor those and take care of those who have given so much to us. Preston Mitchell shares from the Scripture and from his heart about this important biblical legacy of parental respect and honor.
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    6. Discipline - For Parents Only

    Discipline - For Parents Only

    Bringing Up The Best

    Especially for parents, a message on the importance of discipline in their kids lives. God uses discipline to help us grow and mature, and He expects no less from parents as they bring children up in the ways of the Lord. Ed Young tries to reign in the freewheeling attitude so prevalent towards kids today and calls parents back to task on this key issue in parenting.
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    7. Discipline - For Kids Only

    Discipline - For Kids Only

    Boundaries For Kids

    Especially for kids, a message on the importance of discipline in their own lives. Ed Young speaks directly to the young people in the audience, reminding them of Gods chain of authority. Just as God disciplines for our own good, parents also discipline out of love and a desire to see their children grow.
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    8. The Parental Perspective

    The Parental Perspective

    Parenting And Marriage

    In this touching interview with Tracy and Debbie Barnes, Gods incredible grace shines through in the midst of their two sons lifelong struggle with a debilitating muscle disease. Tracy and Debbie speak candidly with Ed about how their sons disease has affected their marriage and their entire family. The cost of true commitment is always high, but the spiritual rewards are beyond description. This message is guaranteed to bring a unique and life-altering perspective on marriage and parenting.
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    9. The Adoption Option

    The Adoption Option

    Spiritual Adoption

    Adopted children hold all of the legal rights and privileges of natural born children. In this unique message, Ed Young compares earthly adoption with our spiritual adoption as sons and daughters of God. We are co-heirs with Christ, the only begotten Son of God, when we step into the family of God by faith.
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