Outrageous, Contagious Joy Small Group Study

The Search For Happiness


Happiness is something that everyone wants. And we are willing to spend endless years, countless dollars and boundless energy looking for it. We think if we can just catch up to it, we will have it made. But does God’s desire for us have anything to do with an endless search for a feeling? Or is there more to it?

In these 7 video-based sessions, Ed Young takes a hard look at what happiness is and our endless pursuit of it. And as we uncover what God really wants for our lives—joy—we see that when we move past the superficial and onto the supernatural, the search ends and a life of outrageous, contagious joy begins.

  • Week One: Clap Your Hands Part 1
  • Week Two: Clap Your Hands Part 2
  • Week Three: Sensational Part 1
  • Week Four: Sensational Part 2
  • Week Five: What Are You Working For Part 1
  • Week Six: What Are You Working For Part 2
  • Week Seven: Friend-entory

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