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Journey To The Center Of Your Worth

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Throughout this exciting series on self-esteem, Ed Young takes you on a journey-A Journey to the Center of Your Worth. As he teaches from a different location each week, Ed answers a question that rings in the heart of every individual: Do I matter to anyone? Take this journey and discover who you are in God’s eyes. Learn biblical principles for dealing with pain and scars from the past and rebuilding a damaged self-esteem.

sermons from this Series

    1. Island Fever

    Island Fever

    Me, Myself And Why

    The first leg of the journey to the center of your worth begins at a marina where two ships are docked and ready to set sail. You must choose which vessel to board. One vessel, run by a seemingly swank and sophisticated captain, looks inviting on the outside and promises island destinations of style, status and success. The other vessel, run by a humble captain of strength and dignity, promises a destination that is altogether different-and a course that will change your life forever.
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    2. Sam I Am

    Sam I Am

    Scar Tissue

    Who am I? The answer to this fundamental question is not always appealing, because each one of us is a product of the past-past hurts, past mistakes, and past failures. The scars from the past have damaged our self-image. The question that begs to be asked is: How can I rebuild a scarred self-image? In this message, Ed Young presents ten dynamic principles from Gods word that can redeem your damaged self-image and help you discover who you really are in Christ.
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    3. Take a Dive

    Take a Dive

    Pain, Pain Go Away

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live like royalty? Well, as children of the King, you can. The Bible tells us that we have been crowned with glory and honor. And as Ed Young continues his series on building a super self-esteem, he expands on this biblical principle by presenting a three-step process for living up to our royal heritage in Jesus Christ.
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    4. Made in the Shade

    Made in the Shade

    Construction Sight

    You've heard the saying many times: Seeing is believing. And when it comes to understanding who we are in Christ, putting on the right shades is key to really seeing ourselves and others from God's perspective. Ed Young teaches that with an eternal filter on our earthly lenses, God gives us special S-I-G-H-T to be able to build up the self-esteem of other people in our lives.
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