Off the Chain

Break The Chain By Living A Life Of Faith And Obedience

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Our perspective in life determines the direction we go. But for most of us, that perspective is limited, that view is skewed, that vision is impaired. And because of that, we chain ourselves up to an abundance of fear and a lack of trust. But God has so much more in store for us.

In this series, Ed Young reveals just what it takes to gain Gods perspective on our lives. And we see that by living a life of faith and obedience we can discover just what it means to live off the chain.

sermons from this Series

    1. Gen Next

    Gen Next

    Keeping Perspective To Reach The Next Generation

    God has blessed all of usrelationally, emotionally, spiritually and even financially. But when we dont have the right perspective on those blessings; when we think everything is a result of what weve done, we miss the fact that God is the source. And we end up far from where he wants us to be. When it comes to the Christian life, the right perspective is crucial. And in this message, Ed Young shows how the right perspective does more than keep us on track with Gods will; it helps us reach the next generation for him.
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    2. Un


    Generosity And Living In God'S Economy

    Everyone wants the most out of life. But so often, to get the most out, weve got to be willing to put our best in. And it all comes down to generosity. In this message, Ed Young looks at some powerful lessons in the Bible about generosity. And we learn that when it comes down to it, generosity is really all about the money. And when we come to the point of understanding what God has to say about it, we can come to the apex of off the chain living in Gods economy.
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