The Truth About Things You Think You Already Know.

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In our world, the line between truth and fiction is often blurred. We’re told truth is something we can define on our own and that fiction is anything we may not agree with. But we don’t make up fact and fiction on the fly. The reality is that we don’t define them at all.

In this power-hitting series by Ed Young, we take a look at some of today’s biggest issues and investigate some of the most difficult arguments between our culture and God. We’ll clarify the line of demarcation between what is true and what isn’t. And we’ll discover that truth – real truth – is a foundation built on God, not a figment of our imagination.

sermons from this Series

    1. God and Science

    God and Science

    Can God And Science Coexist?

    The debate has existed for centuries. Can the reality of God and the understanding of science coexist? Can someone be a person of faith, yet fully understand science? Or do we have to choose one of the other? In this message, Ed Young is joined by guest speaker and renowned scientist Dr. Hugh Ross. Together, they unpack the reality that the relationship between God and science doesn't have to be a choice of either/or. And we learn how the God of the universe is actually the God of the scientific world as well.
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    2. God and Religion

    God and Religion

    Relationship And Religion Are Not The Same.

    All religions are basically the same. After all, they all point to God.' That is something that many people in our world believe. It is perpetuated by the media and reported as fact by current culture. But is there any reality to it? In this message, Pastor Ed Young unpacks the basics behind the major world religions. He reveals the truth of how Christianity stands apart and distinct from every other religion. And we discover the powerful truth that God doesn't want us to be religious; he wants a relationship with us.
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    3. God and Government

    God and Government

    Defining The Line Between Church And State.

    We live in a nation of religious freedom. But more and more, it seems that religious freedom is misconstrued and misunderstood. Some of the biggest myths we hear today are centered on God, government, and what their relationship should be. In this message, guest speaker and nationally syndicated talk show host Mark Davis debunks some of the biggest myths in this volatile topic. And as we will discover, the actual line between God and government may not be where we believe it is.
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    4. God and Sexuality

    God and Sexuality

    Clarifying The Truth About God??S Plan

    Humans were created with a desire to experience relationships. We were also created with a desire for sex. But in our culture, the truth about those desires is often hijacked. And the message between truth and fiction is often confusing. In this message, guest speaker Sy Rogers clarifies the truth. And he helps us discover that when it comes to sex and our desire for it, God's way is the only way that will get us where we all want to go.
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