My Lame Marriage

Mac Richard'S Practical, Biblical Answers For Making Every Marriage Fully Extra-Ordinary.

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Marital drift happens. What begins as an expression of love, hope, and commitment takes ever-increasing quantities of time, effort, and perseverance to flourish and thrive. No one ever gets married seeking average or mundane, yet every successful marriage finds and uses the tools necessary to overcome the tendency toward comfort and routine that threatens everything God designed marriage to be.

MY LAME MARRIAGE offers an honest, frank discussion of the challenges confronting every husband and wife and provides practical, biblical answers for making every marriage fully extra-ordinary.

sermons from this Series

    1. Did I Marry My In-Laws Too?

    Did I Marry My In-Laws Too?

    Mac Richard Speaks To Us How To Honor Thy Mother And Father Throughout The Marriage.

    As we continue this series, My Lame Marriage, taking a look at taking average marriages and making them extraordinary, we have got to deal with this in-law dynamic. It's something that the Bible speaks very clearly to.
    2. How Did We Get to This Point?

    How Did We Get to This Point?

    What Is Your Mbq? Your Marital Bliss Quotient?

    Follow Mac as he explains how to have a marriage full of bliss, including finances. What is your MBQ and how do we achieve it?
    3. How Do We Get on the Same Page Financially?

    How Do We Get on the Same Page Financially?

    Money And Marriage? How Do We See Eye-To-Eye As A Couple Facing These 2 Issues?

    Couples facing any problems can be difficult, but with the help of Mac Richard, we can see how to handle these problems with God's help. Find out how Mac suggests we solve these issues.
    4. What About Divorce?

    What About Divorce?

    What Does God Think About Divorce?

    The bible says there are three reasons to consider divorce. What are those reasons? Do we understand how God feels about divorce? Mac Richard explains how we feel versus how God feels about divorce.
    5. What Do You Mean We Don't Communicate?

    What Do You Mean We Don't Communicate?

    God Desires To See Marriages Created And Fueled And Driven By Communication

    Follow as Mac Richard teaches us how to follow God's communication and help our marriages.
    6. Where's the Spark?

    Where's the Spark?

    Follow Mac As He Teaches Us How To Keep The Spark Alive In Our Marriage.

    Mac Richard teaches us how to keep the spark alive in our marriage as well in our relationship with God. Where's the spark? How can we get it back?