Muscle Car Marriage

Add Some Muscle To Your Marriage!

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What is Muscle Car Marriage about? We want to see God rev up your relational RPMs and see God add some octane of intimacy into your marriages. It’s going to be a great series because Muscle Car Marriage is about relationships and marriages and some really cool cars.

sermons from this Series

    1. Mint Condition

    Mint Condition

    God Wants Your Marriage To Be In "Mint Condition."

    While listening to this message, you would add some muscle to your marriages, endeavor to protect marriages, maintain our marriages, repair some damage, perhaps. That over the course of time, our marriages would grow more beautiful, more precious, mint condition.
    2. How to Raise Kids without Ruining the Upholstery

    How to Raise Kids without Ruining the Upholstery

    3. How to Survive a Crash

    How to Survive a Crash

    How To Survive A Relational Crash.

    4. Choosing the Right Model

    Choosing the Right Model

    This Is The Last Installment Of The Series Of Talks Called Muscle Car Marriage.

    How to find the right model, or partner, in a marriage.