Great Works Of The Creator

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Sometimes a great work of art can take your breath away. But we see even greater masterpieces every day, human lives in the hands of the Creator. In this series, using some of the worlds great masterpieces as backdrops, Ed Young reminds us that the canvas of life is still wet.

sermons from this Series

    1. Raising of the Cross

    Raising of the Cross

    Self Portrait

    Have you ever felt like just a face in the crowd? In this special Easter message, based on Rembrandt's self-portrait, The Raising of the Cross, you'll discover how God has communicated what He thinks about each one of us through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
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    2. Marriage 101

    Marriage 101

    "The Lovers"

    The familiar biblical phrase, "And they shall become one flesh," speaks of the simplicity of God's plan for marriage. Pastor Ed Young relates Picasso's well-known painting, The Lovers, with God's basic biblical formula for a matrimonial masterpiece of love and commitment.
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    3. Persistence of Memory: Part 1

    Persistence of Memory: Part 1

    Calendar Confusion

    Break through the calendar confusion of your family's overscheduled and overachieving lifestyle. With Salvador Dali's work Persistence of Memory as a backdrop, Ed Young challenges families to take a reality check of their priorities.
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    4. Persistence of Memory: Part 2

    Persistence of Memory: Part 2

    Priorities First

    Are you being blown around in the wind, reacting to the onslaught of activities that have forced their way into your schedule? Christ said, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God..." (Mtt. 6:33). Ed Young takes a sobering look at the calendar monster that keeps us from putting first things first.
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