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Speaker Ben Young Talks About The Road To Happily Ever After

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One of the best ways to get to a desired destination is to use a map. What if that destination is a great marriage? The book of Ephesians has the precise directions to get you where you want to be in your marriage. Join Ben Young as he navigates the path to the marriage you’re looking for whether you are already married or just hoping to get there someday soon!

sermons from this Series

    1. Marriage Redefined: Submission and Sacrifice

    Marriage Redefined: Submission and Sacrifice

    What Does Real Submission Look Like?

    What does real submission look like? Where do we see submission? Ben Young will take a look at what biblical submission looks like in the context of relationships and the context of marriage. Ben's wife, Elliott will also share what she has learned about submission and God's perfect order regarding leadership in the family.
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    2. Rescuing Your Marriage

    Rescuing Your Marriage

    What Do You Do If Your Marriage Is In The Ditch?

    What do you do if your marriage is in the ditch? What can you do to keep your marriage from going into the ditch? Ben Young will lay out practical and applicable ways that can get you on the road to rescuing your marriage.There is a God that can invade your life and invade your marriage and give you that power and that strength to do whatever it takes to rescue your marriage. It's worth it.
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    3. Sex Matters

    Sex Matters

    What Is The Purpose Of Sex?

    What is the purpose of sex? Ben will walk through four points regarding the purpose of sex. He will also teach on the importance of building a foundation and building an intimacy that is necessary to provide a healthy sexual relationship in marriage.
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    4. Speed Dating

    Speed Dating

    Playing The Dating Game Well.

    Dating is an extremely important game, and you'd better play that game well, because nothing will affect the future of your life more than who you marry. Join Ben Young as he takes you through the various aspects of the dating game. Everybody (even if you are married) is involved in the dating game.
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    5. This is Happily Ever After

    This is Happily Ever After

    Are You Headed In The Right Direction?

    Are you headed in the right direction on the road to happily ever after? In the first of seven sermons, Ben Young will lay the foundation and provide the basic understanding of what the road to happily ever after will look like according to God and Scripture. He will challenge you to remove the expectations of relationships and marriages that you have created and encourage you to replace them with God's view of marriage.
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    6. Your Money Or Your Mate

    Your Money Or Your Mate

    Money: The Number One Topic Of Arguments

    Do you argue with your spouse about money? Do the different perspectives you and your spouse hold on money breed conflict in your marriage? In this sermon, Ben Young will walk through the way God speaks to us and tells us what we must do in order to get a grip on our finances, whether we are married or single.
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