Love Handles

Understanding The Reality Of Love

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God’s love is a gift to you and me. Yet, we don’t often understand the meaning and power of that word. We have decaffeinated the meaning. It’s become a normal thing. If we could grab onto the handles of how amazing God’s love is, though, it would transform everything about our lives.

In this series, Lisa Young helps us to understand, embrace, and employ the three dimensions of God’s love in our lives today. And through these powerful messages, we discover how to handle, as well as hand out, the love God has for us!

sermons from this Series

    1. Understanding God's Love for Us

    Understanding God's Love for Us

    Understanding God'S Love For Us

    One of the most difficult things to embrace is the vastness of God's love. We have a difficult time grasping the reality that the God of the universe can love us, in spite of what we may have done in our past. In this message, Lisa Young unpacks the reality of God's love for our lives. She shows us how we can experience it every day. And she helps us see that when we understand just how much God loves us, it can transform everything!
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    2. Expressing Our Love to God

    Expressing Our Love to God

    Expressing Our Love To God

    When it comes to love, so many people have a difficult time expressing it. We often rein in what we show to others. Yet, in the Bible, Jesus gives us some very clear words to tell us how we are to show our love to God. In this message, Lisa Young unpacks one of the most poignant and powerful verses in the Bible. And we learn that when we love God with the totality of who we are, we understand fully what we were created to do.
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    3. Displaying God's Love to the World

    Displaying God's Love to the World

    Displaying God'S Love To The World

    God has a love for each of us that is so powerful, purposeful and intent that He sent His only Son to save us from our sin so that we can experience a loving relationship with Him. But it doesn't stop there. In this special Christmas edition of Flavour, Lisa Young reveals the reality that God's love to us is something that gives us the ability and power to love those in our lives. And she challenges us with Jesus' words to express that love to everyone we meet.
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