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Finding Answers In Psalm 23

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People today are asking precise, penetrating questions about life. Who is God? Can I know Him? Does He have a plan for my life? Where is He when I suffer pain or loss? Ed Young uses one of the most well-known sections of Scripture, the 23rd Psalm, to provide answers to these important questions.

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    1. Under New Management

    Under New Management

    Who Is God?

    People are asking questions these days. Questions with an edge to them. And often these questions are about the God of the Bible. Who is He? Where is He when I hurt the most? Does He have the credentials, the resume, to manage my life? You question if it is possible to know God in an intimate way.
    2. Go Rest Young Man

    Go Rest Young Man

    How Does God Lead Me?

    To understand the answers to life's most profound questions we have to grasp the shepherd-like qualities of God and our sheep-like qualities. Can God lead me? Can God guide my life? Can He give me directions in a direction-less world? And if He can, how does it take place? What is the step by step process? I am going to list out several phrases from the Twenty-third Psalm because these phrases will help all of us get a read on God's lead.
    3. The Wander Years

    The Wander Years

    What Is God'S Plan For My Life?

    I want to do with this message is take the Twenty-third Psalm and the image of the sheep and compare them with your life and mine. I believe these comparisons will compel us to understand Gods plan for our lives. Once we understand Gods shepherd-like qualities and our sheep-like qualities, then and only then will we be able to grasp the answers to lifes most profound and deepest questions.
    4. Amazing Grace

    Amazing Grace

    How Does God Protect Me?

    David introduces us to a concept that can change the course of our lives, the concept of amazing grazing. Do you ever feel like the enemies of life, those pressures, are kind of encroaching on your career, your future, your family or your friendships? Yet our amazing God promises us that if we make Him our Shepherd-Savior, we can bank on it that He will provide oasis after oasis in the wildernesses of life. That is the kind of God we serve.
    5. Sheep Impact

    Sheep Impact

    How Does God Use Me?

    What if I could go back and interview every single person you have come in contact with over the past year, every client, co-worker, family member, teacher, coach and neighbor. What would they say about you? What kind of influence or impact did you have on their lives? One of kindness, compassion and concern or maybe self-centerdness, bitterness and negativism?