Just Lust

Dealing With Lust

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Men and women alike, no one escapes its insidious influence. God calls it the lust of the flesh and it has the power to enslave and destroy everyone it touches. In this hard-hitting series of talks, Ed Young provides a strategy for spiritual survival in a culture of lust.

sermons from this Series

    1. Honest to God

    Honest to God

    Identifying Lust

    The first step in dealing with issues of lust is to honestly recognize that lust is one the major barriers to a growing relationship with God. Ed Young begins this series with a message of hope for everyone who wants to live a life of sexual purity.
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    2. Bug Eyes

    Bug Eyes

    Temptation Strategies

    The process of temptation that leads to the sin of lust almost always follows a predictable pattern of lies and deceit. James 1:13-15 exposes the evil ones strategy, giving every Christ-follower a spiritual advantage against the destructive devices of the enemy.
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    3. Just this Once

    Just this Once

    The Lure Of Lust

    It's the mantra of lust. Just like he did to the mighty Samson, The evil one whispers to us, Just this once. And just like Samson we can either stand or fall by the individual choices we make to either give in to or reject lust deceptive advances.
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    4. The Language of Lust

    The Language of Lust

    Dealing With Lust Day-By-Day

    While the difference between a man and a woman's sex drive has been greatly debated, there is one decided similarity: Men and women both long for intimacy. In this candid talk, Ed is joined by two Christian therapists, Dr. Jonathan Cude and Debby Wade, who provide straightforward answers about achieving intimacy the way God intended.
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    5. Primetime Porn

    Primetime Porn

    Escaping The Grips Of Pornography

    Those who are trapped by the addictive grip of pornography feel as though they cant live with it and they cant live without it. But the truth is that the perverted pleasure it provides is a poor imitation of the pure pleasure God intended. This powerful message provides the radical solution for killing pornographic lust and finding life.
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    6. Leaving Lust Vegas

    Leaving Lust Vegas

    Leaving Lust Behind

    In this concluding message of the series, Ed issues a bold challenge to leave the culture of lust behind. It's time as Christians that we make a countercultural decision to pursue a Kingdom agenda rather than a worldly agenda regarding our sexual desires.
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