I Don’t: Singles

Biblical Dating And Courtship

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Every married couple says two words that will change their lives forever: I Do. But before the I Dos, we need to remember the I Don’ts. In this message series on contemporary relationships, Ed Young considers the things we don’t do before and after marriage that make all the difference in the lasting impact of the marital vows.

sermons from this Series

    1. Signs, Part 1

    Signs, Part 1

    Road Signs For Biblical Courtship

    Don't ignore the signs. Ed Young takes us down the road of dating and courtship as we look at the relational road signs that God has given us in order to build successful and fulfilling relationships. The signs of biblical courtship include Merge, Wrong Way, Yield, U-Turn, Steep Grade, and School Crossing.
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    2. Signs, Part 2

    Signs, Part 2

    Ignoring Important Relational Signs

    Ed continues his message to singles on the relational road signs of dating and courtship. In Part 2, he encourages singles not to ignore the Hazardous Cargo, Hospital, Rough Road, and Signal Ahead signs.
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    3. Signs, Part 3

    Signs, Part 3

    Experiencing Sexuality God'S Way

    One of the most perilous detours along the relational road of dating is the sexual temptation that the Evil One uses to lure us off the path. Ed Young takes a candid look at several signs that we dare not ignore if we want to experience sexuality the way God intended.
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    4. Couch Time

    Couch Time

    Dating And Marriage Views From A Christian Psychologist

    In this informal and informative dialogue about dating and marriage, Pastor Ed Young takes us to the counseling couch with Christian psychologist Dr. Jonathan Cude.
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    5. Great Expectations

    Great Expectations

    The Reality Of Relational Fulfillment

    Troy Page, the Pastor of Spiritual Development, continues this series on dating and marriage with a message about the "great expectations" in relationships that often go unrealized because they are unrealistic.