I Don’t: Marriage

The Reality Of A God-Driven Marriage

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Every married couple says two words that will change their lives forever: I Do. But before the I Dos, we need to remember the I Don’ts. In this message series on contemporary relationships, Ed Young considers the things we don’t do before and after marriage that make all the difference in the lasting impact of the marital vows.

sermons from this Series

    1. Make the Cut

    Make the Cut

    Covenant In A Marriage

    What does it really mean to be in a marriage covenant? The significance of that binding relationship has almost been lost in todays society. In this powerful message Ed Young helps restore the serious nature of the covenant of marriage by comparing it to other biblical covenants God has made with His people.
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    2. HD Marriage

    HD Marriage

    Up Close And Personal With Marriage

    Some marriages look great on the outside; but when you get up close and personal, things dont look so great. Both from a distance and up close, Ed Young teaches that the kind of marriage God wants us to have is one of high definition clarity.
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    3. Can You Hear Me Now?

    Can You Hear Me Now?

    Communication In Marriage

    We say it and spray it everywhere we go. It is fundamental in any relationship and one of the major building blocks of a great marriage. Pastors Ed Young and Preston Mitchell team up in this message to provide key biblical principles in mastering the art of marital communication.
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    4. Conflict Revolution

    Conflict Revolution

    Conflict In Marriage

    Can conflict ever be a good thing? Often times in marriage the presence of conflict is not the problem. The problem is how we handle the conflict. By resolving conflict within the guidelines of Ephesians chapter 4, Ed Young teaches that we can experience a revolution in our marriage relationships.
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    5. Kid CEO

    Kid CEO

    Effects On The Marriage When Kids Take Over

    In these days of corporate scandal, there is another major scandal going on right under our noses. It is a family coup dtat orchestrated by our kids. Thats right. Children are taking over family units in record numbers. Ed Young helps us reign in this trend of usurped authority by outlining Gods original plan for a spouse-centric household.
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    6. Parent CEO

    Parent CEO

    Teaching Parents To Become The Family Ceo

    As the marriage goes, so goes the family. In the last message of this series, Ed Young emphasizes again the centrality of the marriage relationship in the family organizational chart. He also takes a hard look at what parents can expect to happen as they assume the role of Parent CEO.
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