Pace Hartfield And Tianne Moon Send Out A Call To Bring Honor Back.

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From primetime talk shows to back talking preschoolers, dishonor is rampant in our world today. And because of that, so many people are experiencing a downward pull in their lives.

In this series, though, Pace Hartfield and Tianne Moon send out a call to bring honor back. And they help us discover that when we raise the amount of honor we have towards others, every aspect of our own lives is elevated.

sermons from this Series

    1. The Right Position

    The Right Position

    Pace Hartfield Tells Us Honor Is About Position.

    Honor. It's one of the most all-encompassing aspects of life. Yet, we often reserve it only for military achievement, academic pomp and circumstance, or scientific accomplishment. But honor is more than awarding medals or certificates. In this message by guest speaker Pace Hartfield, we learn that honor is ultimately about position. And when we place ourselves in the right position, we experience the elevation that God has in store for every area of our lives.
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    2. On Display

    On Display

    Pace Hartfield Tells Us Honor Is More Than Display Or Show.

    Honor can be defined as a "showing of merited respect." That definition is all about displaying an attitude of dignity and character toward others when they deserve it. In this Father's Day message, though, guest speaker Pace Hartfield shows us that honor is more than a display or show. And when we begin truly honor others in every situation, we will ultimately discover the most out of the life God has for us.
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    3. Lifted Up

    Lifted Up

    Tianne Moon Speaks To Us About The Actions We Take. Status Quo Or Another Level? Which Are You?

    For every situation and circumstance in life, we have a choice to either maintain the status quo or move to another level. We make that choice by the actions we take and the steps we follow. In this message, guest speaker Tianne Moon reminds us that the same thing is true when it comes to displaying our character. And she shows us that when we choose to elevate our honor and back it up with our actions, everything else we experience in life is lifted up as well.
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