Happiness Is…

Moving Beyond Happiness And Experiencing True Joy

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Happiness is something everyone wants. It’s the pinnacle of our childhood dreams and the ultimate pursuit of our adult lives. We convince ourselves that, “God just wants me to be happy…” and we do almost anything to make that become a reality. But what if God has something more, something greater that he wants us to discover?

In this series, we will discover what it takes to move beyond our dreams and pursuits, and instead experience something that lasts. Because when it comes to the ultimate goal for life, God wants us to have more than what we think happiness is.

sermons from this Series

    1. Happiness Is Joy

    Happiness Is Joy

    Understanding The Difference Between Happiness And Joy

    In today's world, so many people are looking for the ultimate, and they define the ultimate as "happiness." We seek money and possessions, relationships and pleasure - all in our hope of happiness. But what if there was more to happiness than anything we have experienced or gained? In this message, guest speaker Derric Bonnot unpacks the reality of being happy. By opening God's Word, he shows us that happiness isn't found in any thing we can have or gain. What we are really seeking in our pursuit of happiness is joy!
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    2. Happiness Is Satisfaction

    Happiness Is Satisfaction

    Experiencing Lasting Contentment Through The Authentic Christian Life

    Everyone wants to be happy. But too often, our search causes us to experience moments of happiness rather than lasting contentment. God, though, has something more in store for us. In this message, Pastor Mike Johnson reveals three ways to experience a life of peace and contentment. Because when it comes to what we are all truly seeking, the answer is found in the authentic Christian life.
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