Growing Through the Motions

Spiritual Maturity

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Going through the motions or growing through the motions – the choice is yours. Ed Young challenges the Christian to move from spiritual infancy through adolescence and on to spiritual maturity.

sermons from this Series

    1. Infant Information

    Infant Information

    Spiritual Infancy

    Spiritual growth. What is it? To some it is a nebulous, almost mysterious concept. To others it is an unattainable, unreachable thing reserved for the faithful few. Still others erroneously believe that they have a corner on the spiritual growth market, that they have arrived, that they have got it together.
    2. Paused on Puberty

    Paused on Puberty

    Spiritual Adolescence

    We will talk about spiritual adolescence. Adolescence is a challenging, adventuresome, exciting type stage that our God wants us to go through. He wants us to go through it physically, chronologically but also spiritually. Go through adolescence, move on to maturity, God says.
    3. Mountain of Maturity

    Mountain of Maturity

    Spiritual Adulthood

    We are talking about climbing a mountain called maturity. Now a lot of us have some misconceptions about this mountain, too. We say that we are in pretty good shape, that we can climb it with ease. I am relatively strong. But, I have got to tell you, this mountain will surprise you because it is much more demanding, more difficult than you think.
    4. A 3

    A 3

    Talking With Church Members

    Our loving God, our transcendent God, wants His children to grow and that is why our God meticulously monitors and measures our spiritual growth. He is cheering us on. He wants us to develop. He wants us to go on to maturity.