Got Stress?

Dealing With Stress God'S Way

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Everyone deals with stress. No matter where you work, how much money you make, or the kinds of friends and family you have, you cannot avoid stress. Some people are cool, calm, and collected under stress while others tend to melt in its face. Journey with Ed Young as he shares the three major forms of stress and discover how to handle the rigors of stress in a biblical way.

sermons from this Series

    1. The Stranglehold of Stress (Easter)

    The Stranglehold of Stress (Easter)

    Managing Stress God'S Way

    Stress in our modern society has reached epidemic proportions. But no one knew stress and dealt with it better than our Lord. Using some of the most profound statements from the life of Christ, Ed introduces some spiritual techniques and lessons to help us release the stranglehold of stress in our lives.
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    2. Stress Audit

    Stress Audit

    Dealing With Various Forms Of Stress

    Stress comes in many forms, but the big three we all have to cope with are relational stress, financial stress and occupational stress. Ed shares from the life and teachings of Paul in Philippians Chapter 4 and other passages how to negotiate the unpredictable path of stress with unconventional biblical wisdom.
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