God Online

The Wonderful World Of Worship

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God On-line is a unique series by Ed Young about worship. Understanding worship can bring you closer to God than you ever thought possible.

sermons from this Series

    1. Wired for Worship

    Wired for Worship

    False Gods

    Worship can be defined as having an intense passion or esteem for a person, place or thing. We are wired as human beings to worship, but all too often we have a misplaced object of worship. When God is not at the center of our passions, Ed Young warns us that false gods will take his place.
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    2. Style vs. Substance

    Style vs. Substance

    Real Worship

    Biblical worship is the real deal, a 24/7 experience that should permeate every aspect of our lives. In a very style-conscious world, Ed communicates Gods requirement for a worship of substance. When we worship in spirit and in truth, we are worshiping with our whole being.
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    3. 110 Hours of Worship

    110 Hours of Worship

    Continuous Worship

    Are you mirroring the majesty of your maker every day? We can easily fake it for two hours on Sunday, but that leaves 110 waking hours left every week. Inspired by the revelation of God's character in Scripture and the beauties of his creation, every fiber of our being should cry out in praise and worship of the Almighty every second of our existence.
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    4. The Ultimate Introduction

    The Ultimate Introduction

    The Names Of God

    From His very first introduction as Elohim in Genesis, God has been revealed as a multi-faceted deity with a variety of descriptions. In this powerful message, Ed Young recalls from the pages of Scripture the various names for God and how they should impact our worship of him.
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    5. The Finest Hour

    The Finest Hour

    Corporate Worship

    It's the best thing going this side of heaven-the church. The gathering of the people of God for corporate worship should be our finest hour of the week. Ed Young puts the rest of life's pursuits in proper perspective by comparing them with the eternal business that takes place in the church. He also talks about what we should be doing throughout the week as we prepare for this important time of corporate worship.
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    6. Wrapping It Up

    Wrapping It Up

    The Path To Worship

    Only through an eternal relationship with God, through Christ's gift of salvation, are we able to truly worship. And when we understand the power of worship, we will be transformed from the inside out to serve God and others better. In this final installment of God-online, Ed Young teaches us how to unwrap the gift of worship, take it out of box, and utilize it in every aspect of our lives.
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