Girls Gone Green

Supernatural Living

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In this unique and timely Flavour series on what it means to “go green” in God’s economy, Lisa Young presents ideas from God’s Word about living a SUPER life in the midst of natural circumstances.

Do miracles still happen? Can the Holy Spirit change the way I act and respond to everyday situations? Is it truly possible to have supernatural results produced in my life? How can I pray today and make a supernatural connection? The answers to all of these questions and more will be unearthed in these exciting sessions about going green from a SUPERnatural perspective.

sermons from this Series

    1. Secrets to Supernatural Living

    Secrets to Supernatural Living

    Part 1 Of The Flavour Series Girls Gone Green

    It's all about the environment. Going green is about protecting the physical environment, but we have to be diligent about protecting our spiritual environment as well. Discover four important elements that are vital to living the supernatural life as we go green for God.
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    2. Growing Supernatural Produce

    Growing Supernatural Produce

    Part 2 Of The Flavour Series Girls Gone Green

    When we have a relationship with God, when He is a part of our environment, we go from being barren, dormant trees, to blossoming, fruitful trees. When we invite God to be a part of our environment and join hands with Him, it says in Psalm 1 that He plants us like a tree by streams of water. And being planted in God's fertile soil is the only way that we will be able to bear the fruit of the spirit, our supernatural produce.
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    3. Making a Supernatural Connection

    Making a Supernatural Connection

    Part 3 Of The Flavour Series Girls Gone Green

    God has an overwhelming desire to have a personal, daily relationship with each and every one of us. And because of the sacrifice of God's Son, Jesus Christ, we can go boldly to God's throne of grace. Through the Lord's Prayer, we are given the components to deepen this connection with our Creator which makes it possible for every other part of our lives to thrive‚ÄĒsupernaturally.
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