Get Your Fear in Gear

Facing Fear From A Biblical Perspective

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We all have certain anxieties, worries, and phobias in this life. Fear is a normal human emotion, but Ed Young teaches in this message series that, if we face fear from a biblical perspective, we can get our fear in gear and make the move toward greater faith in God.

sermons from this Series

    1. The Fear of Loneliness

    The Fear of Loneliness

    Identifying The Fear Of Loneliness

    Ed Young addresses one of the most common maladies of our modern society: loneliness. This message defines the different relational longings we experience and outlines the relational risks we must take to fulfill those longings.
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    2. The Fear of Generosity

    The Fear of Generosity

    Generosity Is All About God

    Most people deny the existence of this fear, but it rears its ugly head in each of our lives when we least expect it. Ed Young teaches in this message that the fear of generosity most often strikes not when we have the least to give but when we have the most to give.
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