Forgiveness – the Real F Word Small Group Study

Unleashing The Power Of Forgiveness


Forgiveness is the cornerstone of the Christian life. We gravitate towards the biblical stories like the prodigal son who was completely exonerated from his selfish and stubborn rebellion. And we count on the fact that we can offer up a microwave prayer at anytime, anyplace to access God’s gift of forgiveness.

Forgiveness feels great as long as we are the beneficiaries. But like almost everything in life, there are two sides to the coin when it comes to forgiveness. We like being forgiven, but its not very fun when you have to ask for forgiveness. Or what about when we, as the offended, are asked to forgive someone else?

Through this study, we will discover God’s powerful truths about this highly-charged subject of forgiveness. We will discover the amazing benefits that come with forgiveness both for the forgiven and the forgiver. And we will see how God can use “The Real F Word” to radically transform our lives!

This four-part study includes a Leaders Guide, Creative Notes and Youth Notes for each session.

  • Week One: Collateral Damage
  • Week Two: Forgive for Good
  • Week Three: Build a Bridge and Get Over It
  • Week Four: 4-D Forgiveness

*In select studies, we have incorporated special notes for student ministry, designed to help each discussion time speak to the unique needs and issues of youth.

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