Speaker Lisa Young Talks About Experiencing The Unique Flavour God Has Put In Each Of Us

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Four messages by Lisa Young from Fellowship Church’s women’s ministry designed to help women recapture their confidence and look to Christ to determine their true identity.

Lisa’s passion for women has compelled her to encourage them to use their unique ability to influence those around them.

F – Fix your eyes on Jesus
L – Let the love of God fall on you and flow through you to others
A – Adjust your routine and schedule to do the work of God
V – Value the vision of God and let it work in and through you to build his House
O – Own the task of flavouring for the eternally significant
U – Uncover your unique gifts and use them to flavour
R – Rejoice in the move of God among us

sermons from this Series

    1. Flavour: Session 1

    Flavour: Session 1

    How God Wants Us To Use Our Special Flavour In Our Own Sphere Of Influence...

    There is something unique inside of you that makes youyou, something that sets you a part from everyone else in the world. And that something is your special flavour! In this message, Lisa Young speaks to women about how God wants them to use their special flavour in their very own sphere of influence.
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    2. Flavour: Session 2

    Flavour: Session 2

    Realizing Our Purpose And Regaining A True Passion For The Things Of God.

    Life is busy. But womens lives are even busier. In a society where women have so many different roles and responsibilities, it is easy for them to lose focus of why they are really here. In this heartfelt message, Lisa Young challenges women to see their true value, realize their true purpose and regain their true passion for the things of God.
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    3. Flavour: Session 3

    Flavour: Session 3

    Using Our Unique Gifts And Talents To Make An Eternal Difference In The Lives Of Others.

    Whether you realize it or not, we all have unique gifts and talents. Our creative God has woven a thread of his creativity through each of us. And he wants us to use our gifts to build and fill his house. In this message, Lisa Young encourages women to use their talents to make an eternal difference in the lives of others.
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    4. Flavour: Session 4

    Flavour: Session 4

    Through The Hustle And Bustle Of The Holidays, We Are Reminded How To Keep The Christ In Christmas.

    The Christmas holiday season is filled with all the hustle and bustle of trying to find the perfect gift. But often times, we forget about the one true gift of the season Jesus Christ. In this special Christmas message, Lisa Young reminds us to keep Christ in Christmas and to rejoice in the best gift ever given to the world.
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