Flavour Your Day

Inspiration For Women Who Change The World



Especially created for women of Flavour, this beautifully illustrated, full-color coffee table book combines inspirational thoughts from Lisa Young with original artwork from Olivia Bennett. This book is a celebration of new and exciting opportunities for women to change the world. Each of you, as women, has something unique to present to the people in your life. That’s what “Flavour” is all about. Your unique Flavour comes directly from God, and He is enabling you today to bring your inner potential to the outside world. Flavour is all about influence; it’s about change. It is the power you have to change the world in positive and life-giving ways. That’s what the Bible is all about. And that’s what your role as a woman who loves and serves the Lord should be about.

As you read and enjoy the inspirational thoughts and art in this book, my prayer is that you will allow Christ to Flavour Your Day with the possibility, peace, purpose, priority, promise, power and passion that can only come from Him. Each day is a day that the Lord has made, and He alone can make today and everyday count. Discover your unique Flavour and use it today to make a difference.

– Lisa Young