Fellowship Connection: The Series 2005

Great Messages From Fellowship Connection Pastors

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Fellowship Church has always been passionate about impacting the world around us. And as we have grown over the years, our impact has grown as well. Today, through a network of churches called Fellowship Connection, we are able to offer help and resources to churches around the country that have the same passion for communicating the life-changing message of Christ in creative and compelling ways. This unique message series gives us a glimpse into the life and ministry of several of those Fellowship Connection churches.

sermons from this Series

    1. Dare to Dream

    Dare to Dream

    Buddy Cremeans Reminds Us To Dream Big!

    Children love to dream. But somewhere along lifes path, those dreams fade into the distance. We trade our imaginations for information and forget what life was meant to be. We forget that God has so much more in store for our lives than long forgotten dreams. And in this message, we learn how to discover the amazing life that God has in store for us when we just Dare to Dream.
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    2. Walls


    Ted Baird Shares Lessons On Love

    We like to focus on what makes other people different from us. And we build walls to keep those people out of our safe, familiar spaces. But we fail to see that those same walls also keep us from discovering the full, rich life that God has designed for us. In this message, Walls, we will discover how to use the only tool strong enough to bring those walls crashing down.
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    3. Interruptions


    John Cross Shows Us A Different View Of Life'S Interruptions

    We have life all planned outwe know exactly where were going, how well get there, and when. But so often life throws us a curve, an interruption that forces us to change our course. This weekend we learn how the interruptions in life just might be opportunities for God to accomplish something far greater than we could have done on our own.
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