Fatal Distractions

The Seven Deadly Sins

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Discover the seven most deadly sins and ways to avoid falling prey to these destructive vices we all face.

sermons from this Series

    1. Pride


    The Destructiveness Of Pride

    The many levels of pride and how to clothe ourselves in humility
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    2. Anger


    Unravelling Anger

    Analogies of anger and how to handle anger in a productive way
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    3. Envy


    The Ugly Sin Of Envy

    Four ugly facets of envy and how to rid yourself of envy
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    4. Slothfulness


    Missed Opportunities

    Ed awakens us to the fact that most of us are sleeping in sloth.
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    5. Lust


    The Lure Of Lust

    Five ways to beat the lure of lust
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    6. Gluttony


    Maintaining God'S Gift

    God says that your body is a gift and that all it will cost you is the upkeep and the maintenance
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    7. Greed


    The Grip Of Greed

    Four maneuvers to escape the grip of greed
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