Fatal Distractions Small Group Study

Avoid The Downward Spiral Of Sin


In today’s pop culture the term “sin” is not very popular. Instead, we are classified as victims of dysfunction who make “mistakes” and “bad choices.” From contemporary psychologists to TV talk show hosts, the message we often hear is “I’m okay and you’re okay.” But the Bible gives a very different message–we have a serious sin problem that will destroy our lives from the inside out. The good news is that Christ offers a solution to the battle from within. We don’t have to be victims. Instead, He can turn our lives away from these “Fatal Distractions.”

In this in-depth study, Pastor Ed Young makes a frontal assault on the seven deadly sins that threaten to destroy our lives.

This eight-part study includes a Leader’s Guide and Creative Notes for each session.

  • Week One: Off with the Old, On with the New
  • Week Two: Get Off the Pride Ride
  • Week Three: Unravel Anger … Before It Unravels You
  • Week Four: Slay the Ugly Green Monster of Envy
  • Week Five: Stop the Sloth from Hanging Around
  • Week Six: Avoid the Lure of Lust
  • Week Seven: Feast on the Good Stuff
  • Week Eight: Escape the Grip of Greed

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