F Is For Family

Focus On What Really Matters

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From sitcoms to the silver screen, culture tries to sell us on what the perfect family should look like. In this series of talks from Pastor Ed Young, we will discover that the Bible alone paints for us the perfect family portrait!

sermons from this Series

    1. House Band

    House Band

    Strong families are built on a solid foundation because the H.O.U.S.E. is holy objective utilized to serve everyone. In this message, Pastor Ed Young teaches that only when we're quick to run to the house — the local church — will we truly learn to run our house built on The Rock — Jesus Christ!
    2. Fight For The Family

    Fight For The Family

    We have a very real enemy vying to elevate his "thingdom." But when we fight for the ultimate, God's kingdom, we win time and time again. In this message, Pastor Ed Young teaches families how to succeed by maintaining God's chain of command, focusing on what truly matters, and living it out through established priorities and commitments. Fighting for the family is the ultimate fight because we're fighting for the Ultimate — the Almighty God!
    3. Mission Statements

    Mission Statements

    Did you know that God loves us too much to let us continue certain behaviors? Throughout Scripture, He has given us boundaries and guidelines for our protection and our perfection. That's why, as parents, we need to take disciplinary cues from God when it comes to discipline. It's also something God wants everyone — parents and non-parents alike — to fully understand and embrace. In this message, Pastor Ed and Lisa Young look at discipline from God's perspective and discuss practical and tangible parenting techniques, that when employed, allow us to emerge victoriously in every aspect of life!
    4. Ping Pong Principles Of Relationships And Marriage

    Ping Pong Principles Of Relationships And Marriage

    Life's too short to play ping pong with the wrong person! In marriage, it's a formula for frustration when one person likes to spin the ball while the other slams; when one likes to play on both sides of the table while the other keeps score. Because, in the end, no one wins. Pastor Ed and Lisa Young literally practice what they preach as they square off in a game of ping pong! In this unique message, they speak candidly and share from their own marital wins and losses. They help us to discover that couples who play, lay, and pray together, stay together. Marriages thrive when couples are willing to make small peaks that take them to giant peaks!