Everything You Need to Know About Life is in Your Fishbowl

A Fish-Eye View Of Our World

5 Parts | By:

Ed Young takes a creative approach to life in this unique series, as he draws comparisons between our lives and life in a fishbowl. This series is sure to change your view of the world and the people around you.

sermons from this Series

    1. Tank It

    Tank It

    Cleaning The Tank

    The first step in improving your spiritual and relational environment is cleaning your tank. Ed Young uses the analogy of cleaning an aquarium to describe the process of confession, repentance and restoring fellowship with God and others.
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    2. Fish Face

    Fish Face

    Fish Friends And Foes

    In this first part of a two-part message, different kinds of fish are compared with different kinds of people and personalities. Ed reminds us that we need to stock our relational tanks with a variety of fish, but also warns us against swimming with dangerous creatures.
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    3. Fish Face II

    Fish Face II

    Deep Waters

    This second installment of a two-part message continues to draw comparisons between different kinds of fish and people. Ed Young helps us see not only the dangers that lurk in the waters around us, but also the dangers within. From each of the slippery, scaly creatures he describes, we need to identify similar characteristics within ourselves that need changing.
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    4. Fish Food

    Fish Food

    Feeding The Hungry

    Jesus said that he is the bread of life, and, as Christians, we have the bread of life within us. But we must not keep the food to ourselves; we need to share it with others. Ed Young challenges every Christian to intentionally swim with people that need the food of eternal life that Jesus offers.
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    5. See World

    See World

    On Display

    Do you feel sometimes that you're living in a fishbowl-that people are watching every move you make? Well, as Christians, people are watching us. Ed Young tells us in this message that Christians are Christ's representatives on earth and that others should "see your good works and glorify your father in heaven." (Mtt. 5:16)
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