Espresso Yourself

Pump Up Your Faith With Caffeinated Christianity

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Espresso is a serious drink. Just a tiny cup of it packs a powerful caffeinated punch. In much the same way our lives can make a powerful impact on those around us. This series by Ed Young promises to caffeinate your Christianity as you understand what it means to Espresso Yourself in ways that glorify God and build up others.

sermons from this Series

    1. Yank the Plank

    Yank the Plank

    Judging Others

    In Matthew 7 Christ warns against a negative style of expression that has the potential to decaffeinate our Christian witness: the sin of judging others. But the Bible also prescribes a radical procedure that has the power to liberate us from this critical, judgmental spirit.
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    2. Rude is the Mood

    Rude is the Mood


    Rudeness has become a national pastime. From in-your-face reality T.V. to road rage to obscenity-laden popular music, we have become a culture of the loud, the crude, and the rude. And while many today write off etiquette as pass, Gods definition of true love in 1 Corinthians 13 conveys the timeless nature of good manners.
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    3. What Do You Say?

    What Do You Say?


    Children do not naturally have an inclination for appreciation. Parents have to constantly remind their kids to say "Thank You" by asking the chiding question: "What do you say?" As the Giver of all good things, our Heavenly Father is asking his children the same question.
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    4. Is it in You?

    Is it in You?


    Enthusiasm is the expression of a passionate relationship with Christ. Without it our Christian witness is like decaffeinated and bitter espresso. In 2 Corinthians 9, the Apostle Paul gives us a java jolt about the power of enthusiasm to move the heart of God and impact the lives of others.
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