Employee Policies and Procedures Handbook

Fellowship Church Hr Manual


A clear and thorough written policy manual is a “must-have” for any church, serving to outline expectations and prevent future misunderstandings. This Employee Policies and Procedures Handbook is used by Fellowship Church to provide guidelines and summary information about the Church’s personnel policies, procedures, benefits and rules of conduct. The document, more than 70 pages in length, covers the following topics for Fellowship Church:

  • Employment Information
  • Payroll Administration
  • Employee Benefits and Leaves of Absence
  • Personnel Records, Job Duties and Employment Status
  • Work Environment and Employee Responsibilities
  • Resolving Employee Problems and Disciplinary/Discharge Procedures
  • Employee Questions Regarding Policies and Procedures
  • Employee Policy Acknowledgement Forms and Agreements, including Conflict of Interest Agreement and Confidentiality Agreement

Please note that the document is formatted for Fellowship Church, the PDF and Editable files are included for your church to edit.