Elijah: A Man For All Seasons

By Studying The Life Of Elijah, We Will Be Inspired To Walk In This World In A God-Driven Perspective.

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Elijah is indeed a man for all seasons. We will see him in high places speaking authoritatively for God, and sometimes you will identify with Elijah in dark depression when the bottom falls out of his life as he gives in to despair, hopelessness, and helplessness.

We’ll see Elijah when he demonstrates great courage and we’ll see Elijah running for his life. He is a man for all seasons. In this series, Dr. Ed Young takes an in-depth look at the life of Elijah. By studying his character, we will be inspired to walk in this world in a God-driven perspective.

sermons from this Series

    1. God Uses Unlikely People

    God Uses Unlikely People

    Speaker Dr. Young Shows Us The Importance Of Being Dependent On God.

    You didn't get that promotion you know you deserve. The brook dried up. Someone slandered you. The brook dried up. We learn more from God and more about ourselves when brooks dry up. We learn to be dependent upon Him when everything is magnificent and dependent upon Him when life seems to come apart at the seams. In this message, Dr. Ed Young shows us that through the 'dry' areas in our life, we must shift our focus and learn to be totally dependent on Him and Him alone.
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    2. Sitting On the Bench

    Sitting On the Bench

    Speaker Dr. Ed Young Shows Us How God Wants To Reveal To Us The Same Principles He Taught Elijah.

    God knows where you are. He knows where you are today, and where you will be tomorrow. In this message, Dr. Ed Young demonstrates how God wants to reveal to us the same principles He taught Elijah obedience. Through Elijah's example, we can see the importance of living life one day at a time and being totally dependent on Him.
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    3. The Super Bowl

    The Super Bowl

    Dr. Ed Young Talks About The Showers Of Blessings That Will Fall Once We Put Christ In The Center Of Our Lives.

    Does anybody need a shower of blessing? Perhaps life isn't really working, and nothing has really satisfied. This shower comes to you exactly the way it came to Elijah. It comes through learning obedience, one day at a time, and dependence on God. He's doing anything and everything to teach each and every one of us that. In this talk, Dr. Ed Young discusses how showers of blessing will fall once we put Christ in the center of our lives.
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    4. Burnout: Cause and Cure

    Burnout: Cause and Cure

    Dr. Ed Young Shows Us That God Heals In A Multi-Faceted Way, Just Like He Did With Elijah.

    We all have moments in our life when we say, I don't care. It doesn't matter. I've lost my passion. I'm bottomed out. I'm out of bullets. I don't want to read anything, go anywhere, listen to anybody, or talk to anybody. I'm just burned out. The physical, mental, emotional, and the spiritual are all a part of God. He uses multi-faceted healing when we're down and out. Dr. Ed Young teaches that God heals in a multi-faceted way, just like He did with Elijah.
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    5. Leaving A Legacy

    Leaving A Legacy

    What Will Your Legacy Be? Join Dr. Ed Young As He Shows Us Elijah'S Fabulous Legacy.

    Everybody has a legacy. What will your legacy be? We know as we study the Scripture, Elijah had a fabulous legacy. In this closing message on the life and character of Elijah, Dr. Ed Young discusses the legacy of Elijah and how we need to apply the same faith Elijah had in God through every good and bad time in him life. God wants us leave an Elijah-type legacy.
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