Culture'S Most Controversial Topics

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The hottest issues usually get the most coverage and the loudest discussions. But the truth is not always uncovered.

In this series, Ed Young unleashes a series of debates over some of today’s hottest issues & topics that tap into the very soul of who we are as a culture, what we want out of life, and where we hope to go in the future. And he reveals the truth found in God’s Word that provides us with hope, victory and a truly fulfilled life.

The DVD and CD are a single message of “Are We Born to Cheat?”

sermons from this Series

    1. Are We Born To Cheat?

    Are We Born To Cheat?

    Discovering The Truth About Cheating

    Life is full of decisions. And one of the greatest gifts God has given us is the ability to make decisions on our own. But is that freedom available to us in every situation? Do we really have a choice when it comes to cheating? In this message, Ed Young takes a look at the choices and consequences that result from our decisions. And he reveals to us God's truth about whether or not we are born to cheat.
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    2. Does Satan Exist?

    Does Satan Exist?

    Speaker Pace Hartfield Reveals The Truth About Satan

    Evil. It's something that makes for some fantastic story plots. And it's something we see evident in so many headlines today. Yet, while we acknowledge the fact that bad things happen, does the existence of evil mean that there's a sinister personality out there who goes by the name of Satan? In this message guest speaker Pace Hartfield, opens up the pages of Scripture to reveal to us the truth about Satan. And we learn that by realizing who he really is, we can secure our victory over him.
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    3. Is the Bible Just Another Book?

    Is the Bible Just Another Book?

    Speaker Tianne Moon Gives A Reasonable And Intelligent Perspective Of The Bible

    The shelves in bookstores sag with collections of thoughts, perspectives and opinions. You can find a book on any topic imaginable. Textbooks. History books. Rule books. Story books. Coloring books. But there's one book that causes more controversy and conversation than any other-the Bible. In this message, guest speaker Tianne Moon opens the cover of God's Word to show us that it is more than just another book; it is a collection of truth that can change our lives forever.
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