The Crucial Relationship Initiated By The Savior

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Threatened by a Roman king. Sought by wise men from the east. Occupied by the King of Kings. The crib confronts us all. Celebrate the birth of Christ from His crib to ours.

sermons from this Series

    1. To the Crib

    To the Crib

    Addressing Areas We Tend To Misuse, Mislead, And Mistreat Others

    The crib of Christ is a polarizing force. When called to the crib, we have a critical choice to make. In this opening message of the series, Ed Young relates the reaction of a Roman king who was confronted by the crib over 2000 years ago with our own lives today.
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    2. At the Crib

    At the Crib

    Examining The Devotion, Dedication And Direction Shown By The Wise Men

    Guided by a star, wise men sought a king. And what has become the most renowned search of all time culminated at a most unexpected place. Their search and what they did at the crib is a lesson for us all.
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    3. In the Crib

    In the Crib

    A Deeper Look At The Manger Scene - The Manger, Swaddling Clothes, And The Shepherds

    A king in a crib? Unusual. But the King of Kings in a crib? Miraculous. This Christmas, Senior Pastor Ed Young gives a powerful reminder of how the crib of Christ confronts us all as we celebrate the miraculous birth of Christfrom His crib to ours.
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