CreativePastors ’08 – Three Hot Weekends

Discover Three Powerful Perspectives On God'S Plan For Our Lives

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In this special 3-part series, three different creative pastors from around the country contribute to this “hot” series and help raise the level of excitement and energy in our lives.

As we hear from these amazing speakers, experience their unique teaching styles and discover three powerful perspectives on topics like decision-making, God’s unconditional love and defeating worry, we learn how our faith and our lives can reach new heights. Whether the temperature outside is hot or not, this series is sure to raise the mercury in your walk with God.

sermons from this Series

    1. Dumb Decisions

    Dumb Decisions

    Speaker David Huges Teaches Us How To Make Dumb Decisions.

    Dumb decisions. They are very human, very common and sometimes very costly. And we all make them. But should we resign ourselves to the fact that dumb decisions are a part of life? Or is there a way to avoid making destructive choices? In this message, guest speaker David Hughes, pastor of Church by the Glades, shows us a brilliant example of a bonehead decision that had far reaching and tragic consequences. And he teaches us how to avoid those consequences in our own lives.
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    2. Inscribed


    Speaker Terry Crist Teaches Us About The Tattoo That Never Fades.

    Tattoos have been around for thousands of years. And although their popularity ebbs and flows, people will always flock to tattoo shops to get images and words, pictures and symbols permanently imprinted on their bodies. In this message, guest speaker Terry Crist (pastor of City of Grace in Scottsdale, Arizona) reveals a tattoo that is more than just permanent. It doesnt require a painful needle or late night visit to a tattoo parlor. And this tattoo is one that will never fade.
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    3. Choked Out

    Choked Out

    Speaker Craig Groeschel Teaches Us How The Sin Of Worry Does More Than Simply Stress Us Out

    We all know what its like to worry about the what ifs in life. But what if those what ifs were really distractions? What if they were weapons to keep us from experiencing the life that God wants us to have? In this message, guest speaker Craig Groeschel, pastor of, teaches us how the sin of worry does more than simply stress us out; it chokes us out. But when we turn to the source of what really is, God, then we can overcome that sin and truly get the most out of life.
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