Countdown to Christmas

The Lights Are Up. The Streets Are Decorated. Excitement And Anticipation Are In The Air. Christmas Is Just Around The Corner!

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This is the time of year we all look forward to. But Christmas is not just a sentimental day or a moment to create memories; it’s a season of possibility!

In this series, we are reminded about the power and potential this season brings to all of our lives. And as we look forward to time with family and friends, God reminds us that there’s something amazing for us all in our countdown to Christmas!

sermons from this Series

    1. Voices


    Discovering The Power And Potential Of Your Voice

    Everyone has a voice. We all have opportunities to use our influence in the lives of others. However, not everyone knows how to use their voice and make the most of their influence. In this message, Chris King helps us understand the power and potential of our voice. And he shows us how God can use all of our voices to accomplish some amazing things in our world.
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    2. Are You Prepared for Christmas

    Are You Prepared for Christmas

    Realizing What True Preparation Is About

    Christmas is just days away. Right now, people everywhere are getting ready for the big day. But is there more to preparing for Christmas than lights and decorations, out-of-town guests and food? In this message, guest speaker Dave Clark shows us what it truly takes to prepare for Christmas. Because when it comes down to it, God wants us to prepare for more than just one day; he wants us to prepare for a lifetime of influence.
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