Corporate Makeover

The Modern Workplace From A Biblical Perspective

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God has given us human labor as a gift, as a purpose-driven task, not as a punishment, an albatross or a curse. Change the way you look at work through this series that examines the modern workplace from a biblical perspective.

sermons from this Series

    1. Employee Benefits

    Employee Benefits

    Discovering The Wonderful World Of Work

    God has given us human labor as a gift, as a purpose-driven task, not as a punishment, an albatross or a curse. Some of us have the image of God as a mean, stern individual looking down from the clouds of heaven saying, Hey, you messed up. You blew it. You sinned. You fumbled. You fouled out. Your curse and punishment is human labor. To the salt mines you go. Work. Work. Work. And more work. That is not true, though. Thats not Gods take nor His agenda.
    2. Workman's Compensation

    Workman's Compensation

    Investing Your Wages Wisely

    What does God say about your investments and my investments? One day we are going to be audited, not by the IRS but by God, Himself. He is going to look at your life and my life and see how we made our money, saved our money, invested our money and gave our money. You see, I am called to tell you what God says about money matters, about workers compensation.
    3. Mutual Fun

    Mutual Fun

    Finding Fulfillment In The Marketplace

    I know that the statistics would indicate that a lot of you are not experiencing job satisfaction. A lot of you are not experiencing the great rewards of work. I want to touch on several aspects of finding fulfillment at work.
    4. Motion Sickness

    Motion Sickness

    When Your Profession Becomes An Obsession

    Many of us right now are being tossed and turned by the erratic movement of a different kind, the waves of work. We find our vocational equilibrium out of sync and out of balance. A lot of us feel like we are motion sick. We feel like we are riding wave after wave as the currents of our corporate culture slowly take us out to sea.
    5. Labor Pains

    Labor Pains

    Dealing With Difficult People

    They are out there. They prowl your office space and neighborhood in a stealth-like fashion. With their game show host type grin, they take assassin-like shots at your performance and your personality. Sabotage is their specialty. They possess in their arsenal weapons that even UN forces can't detect. Gossip. Envy. Slander. There is something about their persona that puts you on tilt, the way they look, the way they laugh, the way they treat others. I am describing labor pains brought on by difficult people.
    6. Occupational Hazards

    Occupational Hazards

    Navigating The Traps Of Temptation

    Think about any career, any line of work and it will have occupational hazards. There is a hazard that most manuals and handbooks do not discuss. It is the hazard of the trap of temptation. The Bible tells you and me, pulling no punches, the hard, cold, loving truth regarding how to avoid the trap of temptation.
    7. There's No Business Like Your Business

    There's No Business Like Your Business

    Interviewing For Success

    Whatever you do, whether you are a homemaker or a CEO, on a construction site or a basketball court, you were put there by God Himself. Everything we do should be an act of worship. And for it to be an act of worship, we should think about priorities. What are your priorities and what are you doing to hold them high and true and to keep them in line with the Bible. God, spouse if it applies, children if you have them, work and church.
    8. Liquid Assets

    Liquid Assets

    Truths About Baptism

    What is keeping you from stepping over the line? Can you really think of one good excuse not to do this deal, not to receive the free gift of salvation? I am not talking about religion. Religion is manmade.
    9. Firm Beliefs

    Firm Beliefs

    Influencing With Integrity

    This mentality from our watered-down culture that says, what you do in private does not effect what you do in public. Or, that who you are in the darkness does not impact who you are in the light. The bold truth of the matter is, whether you find yourself in a copy room, boardroom, corner office or oval office, who you are when no one is looking is who you are. Every single day we have the opportunity to sway, impact and influence others with integrity.
    10. Up Close and Personal

    Up Close and Personal

    Communicating Effectively At Your Job

    Education doesn't teach it. Aptitude and IQ tests rarely measure it. The corporate world doesn't even champion it. Yet, it is the most vital thing we need in order to succeed in the marketplace and in life in general for that matter. What am I talking about? Communication.