Christmas Classics

Five Christmas Messages

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Join Ed Young as he takes a creative look at the greatest story ever told… the Christmas Story.

sermons from this Series

    1. Away From a Manger

    Away From a Manger

    Christmas - Signs

    The signs put up by the innkeeper, Mary & Joseph & the Wisemen.
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    2. The Way is a Manger

    The Way is a Manger

    Christmas - The Ultimate Gift

    Someone once said that Christmas is the season when we forget the past, we forget the future and we focus on the present. "Present" being what we're getting or giving for Christmas. We love to talk about gifts, though, dont we? Instead, we need to turn the focus to something that is more important. How to receive Gods gift, exchange gifts with Him and realize the Way is a Manger.
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    3. White Christmas

    White Christmas

    Christmas - Forgiveness

    How to be people who give and receive the gift of forgiveness.
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    4. Home Alone

    Home Alone

    Christmas - Loneliness

    Pursuing the presence of Christ and cultivating authentic community with others.
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    5. Christmas Vacation

    Christmas Vacation

    Christmas - Staff Interviews

    God wants us to carry the Spirit of Christmas each day of the year. The Fellowship staff shares how they engage, seek and draw near to God.
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    6. O Christmas Tree

    O Christmas Tree


    The tree is the focal point of all the holiday decor, yet rarely do we contemplate its true significance. I want to talk to you about another tree that we cant get away from. This tree confronts us wherever we turn in life. This tree that I am describing is the tree where Christ paid for your sins and mine. It is the tree that He was crucified on.
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