Camo Couture

Finding Purpose As We Advance God'S Plan

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What's Included?

The fashion world is on fire with camouflage. From the runways of Milan to Main Street USA, military and utilitarian clothing is everywhere. But the power of camo isn’t found in the fashion world. The reality is that camo serves a purpose far beyond what we wear.

In this power-packed series, Pastor Ed Young takes a look into the meaning and message of camo from God’s perspective. Kicking off with special guests, Willie and Korie Robertson from the hit series Duck Dynasty, these two weeks will help us all understand what God wants us to wear, where he wants us to go, and what he wants us to do in order to make a lasting difference in the world around us.

sermons from this Series

    1. Dad Dynasty

    Dad Dynasty

    What It Takes To Leave A Lasting Legacy

    Every father has the potential to leave a lasting legacy. His hope is to pass on to the next generation those tributes that will make a difference in the world. But does this just happen? Or is there strategy behind it? In this special Father's Day weekend message, Pastor Ed Young welcomes special guests Willie and Korie Robertson from the hit television show 'Duck Dynasty'. Together, they help us understand the purpose God has for every family and the dynasty every dad can build!
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    2. C.A.M.O


    Courage Is Crucial When We Wear Camo

    Camouflage is everywhere – from the war room to the boardroom. It’s a fashion statement that is made daily by millions. But is there more to this design that just fabric and color? In this message by Pastor Ed Young, he unpacks the true power of CAMO in all of our lives. He helps us discover that the ultimate garment is designed for us by God to be worn and displayed in a way that transforms everything!
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