Call Me Wealthy

Discovering The Power Of True Wealth

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What's Included?

Ask the average person on the street if they consider themselves wealthy and they?ll likely respond, ?No.? But the reality is that every one of us is wealthy, because we have been given so much by God. What He calls for each of us in response is to live a life of generosity. In this series by Pastor Ed Young, we will discover that wealth is less about our things and more about our obedience. And when we obey God with what He has given to us, we find ourselves in a position to say to anyone who asks, ?Call me wealthy!?

sermons from this Series

    1. Real Wealth

    Real Wealth

    Realizing That Wealth Is Beyond A Bank Account

    When we think of wealthy people, we think of those who live in multi-million dollar mansions or drive six-figure vehicles. But in this message, Pastor Ed Young shows us how wealth is much more than what is in our bank account. True wealth is about realizing what God has blessed us with and following through with His command to be generous. Because when we are willing to release what we have, we discover the power of real wealth!
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    2. Follow Through

    Follow Through

    Understanding God's Directions For Our Wealth

    Wealth is relative and subjective. It's something that we think others may have. But against the backdrop of the world's economy, we're all wealthy. The question we have to ask ourselves is, what are we doing with our wealth? God has some very clear and concise directions when it comes to money. And as Pastor Ed Young shows us in this message, when we follow through on those directions, the results are absolutely amazing!
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