Calendar Girls

Ordinary Every-Day Women Doing Something Extraordinary For God.

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Just as there are seasons throughout the year, we as women go through seasons in our lives. And with each comes the opportunity to learn and grow in the Flavour Christ has placed inside each of us. Experience Calendar Girls, a four-part series by Lisa Young, and connect with other every-day women at Flavour as we discover our true beauty within.

sermons from this Series

    1. Depression


    Part 1 Of The Flavour Series Calendar Girls

    The darkness and chill of depression knows no age or racial limitations. It is something that hits home with women everywhere. But as we unload and unpack God's message about this season in our lives, there is going to be a celebration - because through Christ, we will overcome.
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    2. Change


    Part 2 Of The Flavour Series Calendar Girls

    Do you realize that change is the essence of the Christian life? For most of us, change causes discomfort and it is not something that we embrace. But when we open the lid of our hearts and say, "God, I know I need your Son, Jesus Christ, in my life in order to have a relationship with you. Please come and take control of my life."
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    3. Expectancy


    Part 3 Of The Flavour Series Calendar Girls

    The Bible is a book that tells us what we can expect in our journey of life. Spring is all about expectancy. And so often, spring will come on the heels of a dark and dismal time, a time of struggle, and a time where there appears to be no life. But there is hope! For just around the corner, we can expect God to show up in our lives in ways that we never imagined.
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    4. Luau


    Part 4 Of The Flavour Series Calendar Girls

    Summer is an opportunity for us to take a break. But it's not just summer that dictates when we need a vacation, we need designated times of rest throughout the entire year. But we don't want to take a break for taking a breaks sake. We need to plan our time to rejuvenate emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally, so that God can break into our lives in a brand new way.
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