C3 Conference 2016

Leadership Fat - Leadership Lessons From Jehoshaphat



It can be said that leadership is a game. But unlike basketball or football, we play a game that has towering and eternal implications. But it’s not a game any of us plays alone.

In these messages, you’ll come to understand the significance of “the game” and learn to play it in a way that impacts the world in even greater ways for Christ. Through the teaching of some of today’s most influential leaders, you’ll be challenged to transform your thoughts about your own leadership game. And you will discover the influence you can tap into when you allow God to truly change the game!

C3 Nights:

  • Night Session 1- Ed Young
  • Night Session 2- Levi Lusko

General Sessions:

  • Session 1 – Ed Young
  • Session 2 Q&A – Ed Young, Troy Aikman
  • Session 3 Q&A – Dharius Daniels, Ben Young, Brandon Thomas, and David Hughes, and Ed Young
  • Session 4- Bil Cornelius
  • Session 5- Levi Lusko
  • Session 6a Q&A – Kelcy Warren and Ed Young
  • Session 6b Q&A – Bil Cornelius and Ed Young

C3 App Sessions (MP3 Audio):

  • Church Leadership (9 Sessions)
  • Creative Worship and Production (2 Sessions)
  • Children (2 Sessions)
  • Spiritual Development & Assimilation (2 Sessions)
  • Students (2 Sessions)
  • Español (1 Session)