C3 Conference 2015

The Right They - Surrounding Yourself With The Right People



When leaders experience a climate of change, challenge, and creativity, their passion and drive expand to new heights. That’s what C3 is all about – empowering leaders to experience all that God has in store for them.

Through C3 2015, leaders from all around the world gathered as a community, and they emerged ready to advance with unity toward a common goal of reaching out to the world around them!

General Sessions:

  • Session 1- Ed Young
  • Session 2- Ed Young, Mac Richard
  • Session 3- Brad White, Mark Batterson
  • Session 4- David Hughes, Steven Furtick
  • Session 5- Chris McGregor, At Boshoff
  • Session 6- Ed Young, Steven Furtick, David Hughes, At Boshoff
  • Night Session 1- Ed Young
  • Night Session 2- Steven Furtick

App Session Mp3s:

  • Church Leadership (3 Sessions)
  • Creative Worship and Production (1 Session)
  • FC Kids (1 Session)
  • General (6 Sessions)
  • Spiritual Development/Assimilation (1 Session)
  • Students (1 Session)