C3 Conference 2012

Understanding Church Growth - 23 Things About Church Growth



Constant change is necessary to reach our culture with the unchanging message of Jesus Christ.

The Creative Church Culture (C3) is where leaders from around the world are empowered and equipped to advance that message with unity and creativity.

General Sessions:

  • Session 1 – Ed Young
  • Session 2 – Q&A: Dr. Ed Young and Ed Young, Steven Furtick
  • Session 3 – Stovall Weems, At Boshoff, Kevin Gerald
  • Session 4 – Lee Strobel, Carl Lentz
  • Session 5 – Steve Kelly, Buddy Cremeans, Q&A: Steve Munsey and Ed Young, Pedro Garcia
  • Session 6 – Leo Bigger, Q&A: Marion Jones and Ed Young, Terry Crist
  • Session 7 – Willie George, Q&A: marion Jones and Ed Young, Terry Crist

C3 Nights:

  • C3 Night 1 – Ed Young, Q&A: Dr. Ed Young and Ed Young
  • C3 Night 2 – Judah Smith, Steven Furtick
  • C3 Night 3 – At Boshoff, Stovall Weems