Building A Healthy Family

Join Ben Young As He Shows How To Build A Godly Family

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Constructing a strong family in the 21st Century is no easy task. What tools does God’s Word give us when it comes to marriage, parenting, discipline, and even finding rest? Join Ben Young in the series, Building A Healthy Family, as he takes a look at how to practically assemble a healthy family and a healthy life.

sermons from this Series

    1. Depressurizing Your Marriage

    Depressurizing Your Marriage

    How To Handle The Pressures In Your Marriage.

    Pressures invade our lives from every angle: from family, to finances, to careers. What do all these pressures lead to? What do we do when we are tired of juggling? How does God's word advise us to handle the life He has set before us? Join Ben Young in the first message of this series as he looks at three questions which may help us depressurize all the external forces in our lives.
    2. Family Sabbath

    Family Sabbath

    Discovering The Importance Of The Sabbath Rest.

    How do you find rest in a culture full of distractions, busyness, cell phones, and blackberries? How do you disconnect in order to deeply reconnect with God and those you love? Join Ben Young in the fourth message of this series as he discusses what he learned from a Jewish Rabbi regarding the importance of the Sabbath rest, God's rest for His creation.
    3. Handle With Care

    Handle With Care

    Discussing Biblical Principles On How To Raise A Family.

    How do you keep marriage first, teach obedience to your children, and keep parenting simple? Join Ben Young and his wife, Elliott, in the third message of this series as they discuss practical Biblical principles of what you can do in your life to handle your family with care.
    4. Your Family Tomorrow

    Your Family Tomorrow

    Teaching Your Family And Others About Christ.

    How do you pass on the baton of the Christian faith to your children and those around you? How do you ensure that you pass on a Christian legacy? Join Ben Young as he discusses practical ways you can be a successful relay runner in the race of life.