Bold With Love

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Some of Christ’s final words on earth were a clear command for his disciples to spread his message of hope, purpose and direction to everyone. The question we often find ourselves faced with today is: how do we best carry out that call?

Through this series, Pace Hartfield helps us gain a true understanding of what Christ’s command entails. And we discover that to carry it out effectively, we must be willing to be bold in the face of a brazen world. And just as important, we must be willing to reach out to everyone, with love.

sermons from this Series

    1. Bold


    From displaying their loyalty to a team to showing off their bodies at the beach, people are not afraid to be bold. And when it comes to sharing a vision, stance or belief with others, that kind of boldness is a must. Yet, too often, Christians balk at being bold about the single most important aspect of life-their faith. In this message, guest speaker Pace Hartfield challenges us all to remain confident in standing by our convictions, fearless in sharing our faith and up front in communicating our beliefs. Because it is that willingness to be bold that often leads to the greatest opportunities for life change in us and those around us as well.
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    2. With Love

    With Love

    When it comes to standing by our convictions, there's a line that separates being bold from being brash. There's a sweet spot between truly caring and coming across rude. In the second part of this series, Pace Hartfield takes a close look at an encounter between two of Christ's disciples and a common beggar on the streets. And we discover that as Christ followers, the willingness to be bold is crucial. But to effectively communicate our beliefs to the world, we must balance that boldness with love.
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